I was quite surprised when I was put on a pitch for GolfTV. The last time i had played was in Australia where it was more about drinking beer than strategising which iron to use.

However, after some solid research we cracked an idea for the brand, won the pitch and GolfTV's new brand "THIS IS GOLF" was born.

The first Instagram video (with around 70K likes) was when Tiger hit 82 PGA Tour championships, beating Sam Snead the old record holder. I found that Sam had commented back in 1991 on a young Tiger Woods, so we created a video featuring his voice over footage of Tiger's win in 2019.

The second video was a celebration of Tiger winning the Masters, one of the greatest returns of sport. We brought together the first time he had won it and hugged his (late) father with the last time and him hugging his son.

The last video... well, it's not every day you get to write scripts for Tiger Woods, but that's precisely what I got to do.