Off the back of winning a pitch for Shell’s GO WELL communications, Shell Canada briefed us to create social content for Mother’s and Father’s day.


GO WELL is about improving people’s journeys, and in Canada, many people live far away from their parents to work or study, so our idea was to bring them back together in an emotional surprise reunion.


Research told us that Canadians love public service workers, so we decided that our Mums and Dads would be firefighters, police or care professionals.


Then, in the space of about three weeks, we had a fairly intense Canadian casting to find the ideal Mum and Dad, whose children lived far away. Oh, and only the kid could know what we were up to, so their reunion could be a surprise.


With an almost pathetic media spend of $11K, each film got more than 500,000 views but more importantly, a couple of thousand shares.

There was over 1 million minutes spent with the brand over the campaign period for Mother's Day alone.