I led and won a competitive pitch for client Tideway, who wanted to celebrate the completion of tunneling of its 25km Super Sewer.

The tunnel was a feet of civil engineering and the start of the recovery of the Thames river ecosystem, but there was only a small window of time to physically enter it before it would be closed off to the public forever.

The sound acoustics within the tunnels are unique, so with our small window of opportunity, we realised we could create a Sonic Time Capsule of the tunnels.

We enlisted the help of a renowned London composer Rob Lewis, who specialises in live spaces and electronic soundscapes.

Rob and his engineer sampled the sounds of the tunnel’s construction, using the length of the tunnel for its reverb, resulting in a unique sonic signature used for his beautiful ‘Tunnel to Tide’ composition, that flows from construction sounds to the sounds of the river.

The campaign culimanted in a live performance within the tunnel - which gained live TV news coverage on both BBC, ITV and Sky News. It also gained over 500 pieces of editorial (Guardian, Independant, Standard, Times) and radio coverage (BBC London, LBC).

The song is beautiful too! It's available on all major streaming channels.