Hello, how are you? A little bit about me.

I'm a conceptual creative, but I love the craft of writing too, in case reading the words I have oh-so-casually thrown across this paragraph haven't made you cry silent tears at uncovering a literary genius.

I want to create things that are so mindblowing, the world will be all like "wow, did you see that shit". Piers Morgan's potato head will explode. The Queen will knight me.

By the end of this page, one of two things will happen.

You'll feel like a homeless man just tongued you in the ear, or you'll feel like you've finally found your soul mate.

In both instances, please email me.


Rare photo where I look normal.





You should however, dress for the job you want. So when my friend invited me to their fancy dress party, I came as 'Minger the Merciless'.








I do still life paintings. This one is called 'banana'. It works on so many fucking levels.






My poster for a legend...




Mark Denton was giving a talk at our agency and set us a competition to do a poster. He chose mine!







I still mourn the death of this script. (but I think Maplin were more worried about their shareholders at the time).







I did some stop motion animation. It's about where avatars go in 'life after game'.

It's got nothing to do with the film Avatar, which was shit. Then again, so is this.










I once sent unsolicited paintings to agencies in LA. This is one of them.